Towards the central African portion of Africa, lies Ethiopia. Ethiopia is one of the most populous nations on the planet with a wide variety of local cultures. Add to this, that many local tribes still keep to the customs and traditions from centuries ago, makes for a very detailing cultural trip to the country. It is because the people are so welcoming of foreigners and pictures itself that makes it a great option for a photography tour. One such option when travelling to Ethiopia is to book into the Omo valley tours. The layout of this tour is to ensure that participants come out of it with a greater understanding, along with the ability to take better photos, and then the marvel that is the Omo Valley. In terms of photography there is so much to give thanks for in the Omo valley tours, but it is the portrait pictures that one is exposed to during the tribal visits that are a gem. The area is one of few surviving centuries old cultures which have managed to hold on to their traditional values and way of life.

Even with the intrusion of tour groups countering the area, they have still continued to do so. The special vibe of the Omo Valley is that it used to be the meeting place for tribes from all over, and is one the settlement venue for many of them. So now, it is a region where travellers are able to visit a multitude of different tribes in a small span of land. Without that much inner travelling, the Omo valley tours provides a means to be able to learn about and photograph many different people from the Mursi to the Dorze. It is not just the physical aspect of traditional gear which is so appealing to photographers but the cultural aspect as well. All of the tribes have their own way of life, history and rituals. The Omo valley tours is almost a cultural overload.

Luckily, it is done under a travel company who have done the hard work for guests and plan out an adventure that makes the most out of a 10 day period into the region. On the Omo valley tours, guests get to visit homes and ancestral sites and be given the chance to tackle photography in this element. This is not an avenue open to just anyone. You book into the Omo valley tours, to take advantage of the relationships already made by the tour guides. As part of the tour, all of your accommodation, transport and meals will also be included during your stay in Ethiopia. Whether you are an experienced photographer or someone who is a newbie to the field, the Omo valley tours will be of value to your skills. For experienced guests, there is the ability to leave your equipment at home. For the newcomers, there is the opportunity to be able to book into the Omo valley tours and have the chance to see if the field is something you enjoy before returning home and investing on a quality camera.