Photography safaris are essentially holiday workshops. What better way to learn a new hobby than in an exotic and fun setting. This is exactly what you are able to do when you go on safari. To get the perfect experience on photography safaris, make sure to book with a reliable company. This will ensure you go on tour with a professional photographer. They will serve as the tour guide as well as the photography instructor. It does not matter of your level of interest in the field and you would not even have to bring along your own camera equipment. The important thing is booking into photography safaris. Groups are kept small to make travel easier but also to give each member an ample amount of one on one time with the photography guide. Spots do also sell out pretty quick due to the lure of the guide included along with all travel and accommodation as well as a fully planned itinerary. There is probably no other way to have access to such high level photographers. Even if they do host workshops in your home country, you would pretty much be paying the same price but with this option you would instead score a holiday out of it. Photography safaris can take place within many areas in Africa. Some of the more spectacular include Namibia, the Serengeti, South Africa and Botswana. The big 5 are a definite must on all photography safaris.


With photography safaris, you will not be going back home with ordinary tourist photos and will instead leave with professional looking ones. At the end of each day on the tour, you will have the opportunity of printing out your photos and also get to keep them. At this time, the tour guide will critique your work and give you advice on how your work may be improved for better pictures. This is not really an issue often though as they accompany the tour group out into the wild and are right there when photography is happening. This allows them to instruct as the photo is being prepared to be taken. It is not just about aiming your camera and clicking for a shot. There are intricate details involved which will take a picture out of the ordinary. You have to know how to work with natural lighting and how to make the most of getting a good and unique angle. You will not be thrown in the deep end because on photography safaris, you will first be taught how to do so before applying it. Then there is also the matter of the camera itself. You will be working with professional cameras with a host of settings. Again, his will be explored on photography safaris. Of course, it is not all a focus on photographs. When you are out in the wild, sometimes you would just have to take some time out and just appreciate the beauty of nature. On tours, you have the luxury of truly letting go and enjoying yourself as all of the planning of the holiday is up to the tour company.