The Danakil Depression tour is definitely not a holiday for the faint of heart. This is a truly out of this world journey, so if mundane travels are beginning to bore you then this is something you just have to book into. The trip starts with guests arriving into the country at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa. It is from this point on that the tour officially starts when the tour guide meets guests at the airport. On the Danakil Depression tour, the guide also doubles as the photography element to provide guests with access to a world class expert in the field. After a few hours of rest, it will be time to head out of the city and into the low regions of Hamed Ela. 2 villages in the region provide the base for overnight accommodation during the journey to the Danakil Depression. Camels as well as jeep vehicles are used to get to the base. Photography forms a big factor on the Danakil Depression tour.


The tour group will not have to wait to get there to partake in a bit of it. Plenty of opportunities arise during the journey to the Danakil. The barren desert does not exactly seem like the perfect canvas, but the local tribes do not mind photos being taken of them, though not by posing with camels forming another. The first stop at the Depression site is Dallol. Housing 3 tectonic plates, slight tremors are a frequent occurrence. It is at this point of the Danakil Depression tour that the heat does become unbearable. Measures are taken by the tour company to ensure cooling methods are at bay. This type of backup is essential on a trip to such an inhospitable area. The reason that the Danakil Depression is so hot is because it lies over a 150 meters below the sea level, thus making it closer to the earth’s core. It is this heat which generates the area.

The lighting from this will have photographers brave enough to venture out here, to lay claim to some amazing shots. Picture differentiation is visible during the various parts of the day. An entire day on the Danakil Depression tour is spent surrounding the Erta volcanoes. These are some of the most active volcanoes in the world and the only place with so many in such close range. For safety reasons, this portion of the tour is done from afar. This does not mean on missing out on the action. The vantage point selected by the Danakil Depression tour guide is excellent as both a viewing base and photography hot spot. The day here goes well into the night. This is the time of day when the volcano erupts the most and apart from being a phenomenal sight, it is also amazing for photographing. The journey back to the mainland is done through the city of Mekele, the spiritual hub of Ethiopia. Here, tour guests can wander through the city and take in its historical significance or barter for goods at the famed Tigre market.