Brazil is one of the best places to bird. Birders would be able to amass an impressive collection of sightings from this one country. It is not as easy as it seems though, to trek through this remote jungle region. Help is at bay though, in the form of a tour package. This will be no ordinary travel package. The emphasis will be on birding. All of the usual elements of a travel package will be included but almost all activities will relate to birding. Side activities will consist of touring local tribes and engaging with them, white water rafting or zip lining across the Amazon jungles. Birds may play the pivotal role on the Brazil birding tour but other animals always pop up from sloths and armadillos to deer and capybara. But back to birding. On the Brazil birding tour, a birder is able to see as many as a hundred species during a 1 week period. Since the average tour to the area is around 3 weeks, to cover the main regions, this number will go even higher.


This is even when taking into account that a fair amount of time is spent per bird. Most days of the Brazil birding tour comprises the same setup. The group will awaken to breakfast and a small talk from the tour guide on details for the day to come. If the birding tour has a side focus on photography, then a little part of the morning will be dedicated to lessons on this which will then be applied out in the wild. Days on the Brazil birding tour start early, around dawn. This is when bird life is at their most active making it the best time to not only spot them but to watch their antics as well. Birding is about so much more than just finding a bird, picturing it and adding it to a bird list. There is a genuine interest from birders on actively paying close attention to the different species and taking note of subtle differences.

This is particularly exciting on the Brazil birding tour for rare birds such as the white crested Guan or the black and gold Cotinga. In addition to being rare, they can only be found in certain parts of Brazil. Having a guide is essential in finding them quickly so as to not waste too much of time searching around aimlessly. You have to realize that on an international trip such as to Brazil, there is not an endless amount of time to be had, so it must be used up wisely. This is exactly how the Brazil birding tour has been planned. Birding continues through the mid-afternoon. This is when birds quieten down so the day ends now. The exception would be to come back out for the sake of nocturnal species. The time for birding may be over, but now provides the perfect time to pack up and set off for the new base. Upon arrival, guests will settle in with freshening up and a meal. Photographs are developed at this juncture and discussed with the group. After, it is time for rest, before repeating it all again the next day with new locations and bird species.