With Igoterra, one is able to manage all of their animal sightings and issues in a single place. Once you have signed up to Igoterra, your account can be accessed from any device, provided of course that the app has been installed onto the device. Many people prefer to have access on their phones. These are the devices that are always on hand and much easier to have around when venturing into the wilderness in search of animals.

The question remains, of why would the Igoterra app be needed to keep track of animals. Animal tracking is a passion enjoyed by millions worldwide. These are people who want to see as many species as they can and enjoy the challenge of finding new species to list. In the past this was quite a difficult task. The only resource was to keep a notepad and make a list with maybe a sketch or 2. With technology, this has become much easier and infinitely more exciting.


Your personal list will store information relating to the species of the animals, a photo you have taken along with any information you care to record. An entry can immediately be pulled up with a simple search. Your list can be made public so other people can now view them. This encourages friendly competition and gives bragging rights to those who rack up an impressive listing.

There is a social factor of the Igoterra app to bear in mind as well. You are not only able to view other member’s listings but also read their entries and then communicate with them. Discussion boards are not just dedicated to wildlife animals but domesticated ones as well. What better place to gather information on your pet than through people who are passionately involved in the field. It does not matter if we are talking dogs, fish, toads or cats. Anything goes. The benefit with using Igoterra for information is that the app is concerned with individual species. It is not just about getting information on pets in general. You will get individualized feedback regarding your breed of pet.

Even if you are not looking for information on general on a specific breed, Igoterra members can be called upon in an emergency to offer advice on medical problems if they have been through it in the past. The app may not only be used by those who are concerned with building lists but also if you are just interested in one specific breed of animal. The research you can do through the Igoterra app is invaluable real life advice. The site opens up a whole new world for pet lovers. Here is an easier way to staying connected with on the ground conservation efforts from around the world and lending your voice and donations in making the world better for all animals. Locally, animal rescue centres can use the app to list all of the animals they have to be put up for adoption, allowing people to connect to dogs and cats that are in dire need of a forever home.