One might assume that a wildlife holiday is going to be a plain and rural affair. Not so when you book into Botswana wildlife tours. The country is crammed with dozens of animals, making it very popular with people who like wildlife holidays so tourism efforts were amped up to include much more luxury, even to the more remote parts. The tour packages come foremost with an itinerary, taking away all of the headache in the holiday process, which is scheduling. Once the booking is confirmed for Botswana wildlife tours that is the major portion of the planning done and dusted. Tour guests will be told what they can expect, down to the very animal species that they will sight during the trip. And boy, is this an exciting list.

There are 75 large mammal species which include the big 5, giraffes, kudu and even zebras. Crocodiles are known to frequent the delta as well. Botswana wildlife tours can be done in conjunction with a birding tour. The country has over 800 species. For this, the group must consist entirely of birders. For normal, Botswana wildlife tours, birds do play a huge part as they can be found at the delta, deserts and forests. Game Parks make up a huge portion of the trip, yet it is when the group ventures out into the Okavango Delta for example, that danger lurks. This is why tour guides and security escort the group to areas such as these where the animals are unpredictable. Botswana wildlife tours takes the safety of participants at the highest concern.


Tour groups must simply always follow the lead of the tour guide and adhere to safety rules. These will be laid out at the start of the tour as soon as guests arrive in Gaborone. Movement to a new place will be done every day. Trips are never more than a few hours in the same area. The group will have to move to get a chance to see different animal species and landscapes. If you are a photography enthusiast, then Botswana wildlife tours will be the treat of a lifetime for you. There is always a change in scenery for workable material along with the many animal groups. On Botswana wildlife tours, it is not about seeing the animals and getting boasting rights on saying this. It is about spending time and watching their behaviour and interactions with the rest of their pack.

Groups for Botswana wildlife tours are kept small so this aspect can be enjoyed fully. You would want a serene atmosphere and having too many people around will ruin this mood. This does have the unfortunate repercussion of scrambling to get one of these few spots. Botswana only allows a set number of visas for wildlife tours. It would also depend on the type of tour you are considering taking. It could be a budget based complete wildlife tour or a luxury safari experience. Either way, there is loads to see during Botswana wildlife tours andanything short of 2 weeks will see you rushing through and not fully appreciating the moment.