Exploring Algeria, even with a tour company, can be done according to your requirements. AnĀ Algeria tour can be customized to meet a groups specific travel needs. An Algeria tour group can consist of just 2 people such as a honeymooning couple, a few more members to encompass a private family vacation, or a tour specified towards photography. The tour could be budget based or customized to be a luxurious affair. Travel companies are becoming more adept at handling these types of requests and then planning to meet these specific requests. Even with tailor made packages, Algeria tour groups will be kept small though, so that each member of the group has an ample amount of personalized time with the tour guide and also for easier travel.


Travel here is done all the time. Even when you don’t consider the flights to get between cities, there is also much ground travel to get to the many towns contained within. Algeria is a big country and it is impossible to include the entire country in a standard tour. In all honesty, one would need to spend a year to get around to be able to visit all towns in the country. All travel and accommodation is included in the Algeria tour package. These are made up of varying degrees to ensure a well-rounded experience. For the most part, tour guests will overnight in hotels. A night will be spent out in the Sahara Desert, camping under the stars, as nature intended. An overnight will also be done at a local home in the M’Zab Valley. It really is the only way to truly experience the hospitality of the region.

On the Algeria tour, guests will be treated to different transport modes as well. Flights are included in the package for the duration of the tour. Like most international holiday packages, guests would have to get themselves to the start point of the tour which in this case in the white city of Algiers. Even with the inclusion of flights on the Algeria tour, the tour does not cost a lot to book into. Basic holiday packages cater to the budget conscious. They are an opportunity to make international travel, such as a trip to a far off country such as Algeria, a reality to most people. Not much time is spent on the roads once you are in the visiting city. The tour is pre-planned so the route has been minimized as well. Camels will be used in the desert area so that is an exciting expectation.

A fair bit of walking is to be expected on the Algeria tour. The landmarks in itself are massive. You would explore the desert town of Taghit mainly on foot. The narrow alleys are not conducive to vehicles. Even a single site such as the Algiers Museum of Fine Art will rack up miles on your feet. You would not even realize it as you are admiring artworks from some famed names such as Monet and Gauguin. A tour guide is always around for the group and there to ensure that the schedule is being adhered to. Algeria tour guests will get time on their own during the trip to peruse marketplaces and such on their own.