The average Nepal photography tour takes around 2 weeks to complete and in this time tour guests will take a round tour trip through this lush eastern country. It is a small country but is jam packed with adventure. We start off the Nepal photography tour in the capital city of Kathmandu. Unlike many other cities which just serve as an entry point, Kathmandu lays claim to 6 world heritage sites which is why a fair few days will be spend here. The city is an assault to the senses from the sightings of the mystical mountains, the buzz of the marketplaces and the grandeur of the cities art scene.

Must see places which are always included in the Nepal photography tour are Kathmandu, Jomson, Kagbeni and Marpha. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the tour. The museums and Thamel district in the arrival city. The temples and tribes of the remote valleys. Since it would take up too much of time to travel here by vehicle and where some hiking is required, helicopter rides give Nepal photography tour guests the chance to get directly to these places. This provides another highlight of the trip with aerial views of the surrounding areas and the temples from above. This is also a chance to hone in photography skills from this height. This is usually done during the latter part of the tour when tour participants have had a chance to familiarize themselves with the basics.


Animals are a huge part of Nepal and no tour of the country would be complete without some interactions with them from capturing wild goat herds to horseback riding in the Tibetan Gumpas or visiting rehabilitated species in the Annapurna National Park. Animals along with the visits to tribes and the holy men of Mount Nilgiri provides the chance for portrait photography. The Nepal photography tour will bring together all forms of photography during its duration. In the 2 weeks, tour guests will be taken across a wide avenue of photography methods and camera handling. Insider tips are a huge aspect to the Nepal photography tour. It is here that tour participants get to mingle with photographers who have achieved much acclaim in the field.

The tour offers the opportunity to indeed learn from the best while taking in a holiday to one of the least visited places on earth. Nepal is firmly becoming discovered by the western world though and getting a spot on the tour is not easy to come by. It would have to be booked months in advance. Once it has been paid for and confirmed though, you would just pack your suitcase with your personal items and be off to Nepal. Everything from hotels, ground transfers, meals, guides and camera equipment will be provided for. TheNepal photography tour package is also an affordable way to get to see this much secluded country in addition to not having to worry about making the most out a limited time in an unknown area, since the itinerary has already been planned by the travel company.